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American Citizen Services (ACS) is part of Consular Services, based at the U.S. Consulate General in Auckland. Assistance is provided to American citizens in New Zealand, including but not limited to Passport services, Consular Reports of Births Abroad, and Notarials. In emergency situations, including deaths, arrests and crisis situations, please contact ACS. You can get more information on the internet and digitale tv about the services they have.

If you are a New Zealand citizen or a third-country national and would like to request a visa, please visit the “Services to New Zealanders” page.

Online Registration:

The State Department (DOS) recently launched an online travel registration site at Online Registration. It allows U.S. citizens to record foreign trip and residence information that DOS can use to communicate with and assist citizens in an emergency.

U.S. citizens who travel or reside abroad can also access this site. We invite you to register yourself and your family and become acquainted with travel registration. If you are already registered with this Embassy/Consulate, please re-register online to update your records. The new online travel registration service for U.S. citizens allows you to register and update your own records, making it easier for you to keep your information current. This also includes your travel itineraries. The data you provided is completely secure, and is held behind DOS firewalls, accessed only by cleared personnel in Embassies, Consulates, and DOS, and releasabble only under provisions of the Privacy Act.

Let us know how you like the new site. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions about the travel registration web site. If you have specific questions about your registration with this Embassy/Consulate.


  • Jozefa Calligaris | Jun 28,2017

    Get vital data from the Embassy about security conditions in your goal nation, helping you settle on educated choices about your touring plans.

  • Tanzer | Jul 1,2017

    Looks good to me

  • Rose Smitch | Jul 2,2017

    How does US embassy handles immigrants from syria now?

  • Buts Meh | Jul 4,2017

    I hate trump

  • blueflaggoldenstars | Jul 15,2017

    USA is out of luck, they can’t call France to deal with Greenpeace the French way after that horrendous meeting.

  • Grace | Jan 5,2018

    I love how the US really takes good care of their citizens especially abroad. I have a US citizen friend who got in trouble in Bali, Indonesia and the Embassy guys really did not stopped helping him until he was safely home in the US.

  • Jarus | Nov 27,2018

    Thank you for sharing such very informative post! I just love how you discuss things very correctly.

  • Ben | Dec 26,2018

    Best example of how great it is to be American!

  • Anne | Apr 10,2019

    Thanks for the terrific guide

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